Thursday Thoughts

Each time I go out on an Amish tour I try to learn more about the families that we visit. An Amish mom was busy in the house making aprons to sell in her shop. She makes adorable children’s aprons. When our girls were little they liked to bake cookies while wearing their aprons. Aprons remind me of my grandmothers. They always had on an apron whenever they were working in the house, whether it was baking time or cleaning time.

This Amish lady told me that her parents built the house where they currently live in 1997. When she got married they purchased the farm from her parents. Her husband learned his woodworking skills from his in-laws and now carries on the furniture business. He does fine work!

At one of the Amish farms there were about 12 Amish buggys parked in the yard. They were having church on a Thursday instead of Sunday. Apparently, they had a visiting minister from Missouri and they had to accomodate his schedule. An Amish mentioned that they had their church service last Friday due to a visiting minister’s schedule, as well. I’m not sure if it was the same minister, I’ll have to check into it.

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