Taking the High Road

While gearing up for a busy Amish tour season with Bluffscape Amish Tours in Lanesboro, I am also getting ready for my daughter’s high school graduation.  As I’m cleaning, I ponder what she will experience at college and beyond.  Kirsten plans to major in international business at college and is excited to start her next journey in life.  As I perused the various business major pamphlets the university provided, each focus requires a business ethics class.  No matter how large or small a business, ethical behavior is required.  Business ethics can cover a wide range of topics, but as a small business owner in a small town, treating your customers well, of course, is the most important aspect in a tourism business.  Also, respecting your competition is also part of business ethics.  I am a true believer in treating everyone fairly and honestly.  If you try to defame another’s business or person, it won’t get you anywhere.  Instead, one needs to find ways to improve him or herself and their business, not hurt others to make them appear better.  As we start the busy tour season, we need to focus on our own business and what we can do to make it better and offer the best to our guests and community.  I’m hoping my daughter is paying attention to how we handle our business practices and that of her employer’s to learn first-hand what to expect in the business world and take the high road on her next journey in life.