New Stop on the Amish Tour

We added an extra stop on our Amish tour this week. An Amish family had requested us to stop at their farm, but it was difficult to get in so many stops in one tour. We decided to change the tour occassionally and make the stop. The Amish family is so grateful for our visits. This Amish couple have eight children; five boys and three girls. The youngest is 15 years old and such a sweet girl. The family offers garden produce. One day they picked 125 quarts of strawberries and sold them all, as strawberries are high in demand this time of year. Today they had fresh broccoli and beets available for sale. They also have eggs, homemade baskets, candles, and a few antiques.

A family visiting from Thailand came along on our tour today. Their daughter had married a young man from the Twin Cities. They came to Lanesboro for the day to show them a small midwestern town and the Amish culture. It is amazing to meet so many people from around the world that go on our tours.