New Amish Tour Season

Wow! A great spring day in Lanesboro! The sun is out and the temperature is reaching 60 degrees today. Saturday was overcast, but nice as I took out my first Amish tour of the 2010 season. I met a great family from Hastings, MN, in the morning and another family from New Hope, MN, in the afternoon. It was fun to get out to see our Amish friends after a few months off this winter. One Amish lady was excited to tell about the birth of her 54th grandchild. She was also concerned about one of her infant grandsons that is currently in intensive care in the hospital with RSV. He is one of the three triplets born last fall. We pray for a quick and healthy recovery.

It was a joy to visit with some of the other Amish kids on our tour, as they sure have grown over the winter. Little D. looked adorable in his wide-brimmed straw hat. His older sister, R., likes to hang around and listen to the adults talk to her dad about his furniture making business.

A few of the Amish farm yards were quite muddy, therefore, I had to select Amish farms that were easy to access with the bus. With the sun out the past few days, mud shouldn’t be much of a problem this weekend. Although, I did hear that snow may be in the forcast…yuk! (I love snow in January, but not March!)

Speaking of mud, I need to leave to get our Amish tour van out of the shed, as it was too muddy to get it out before this week. I will probably be cleaning the van this afternoon to get ready for more tours this weekend. Happy Spring!!!

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