Lanesboro Holiday Weekend

Lanesboro is getting ready for the Holidays! Lanesboro’s Holiday Open House is this weekend. You can find the stores and village decorated for the Christmas season. At my gallery on Saturday I will have refreshments, specials on merchandise and art, and will be open until 7 p.m. We will have Amish Tours at 10 am and 1:30 pm, too. On Sunday the 22nd, Bethlehem Lutheran Church is having their annual meatball dinner. Dave and I are preparing the mashed potatoes for the second shift. Yes, we use real potatoes, not the boxed stuff! We use about 600 pounds of potatoes to serve about 900 guests. The Lanesboro Inn Keepers Association is having an inn tour on Sunday, as well. The tour goes from 2 – 6 pm and costs $25. We are offfering our Amish tour bus for a shuttle between the inns. So if you don’t want to have to worry about driving and looking for parking at each stop, just hop on our bus and Eric will take you to your next stop. Unfortunately, the inn tour is during our shift at the meatball dinner, so I am unable to go on the tour. I was looking forward to checking out the inns, because I live in Lanesboro and don’t usually need a place to stay. Although, I have stayed at a couple of local inns for winter weekend retreats for scrapbooking.
During the month of November we take Amish tours out on Saturdays and only during the week if we have four or more adults attending. The weather has been beautiful the past two weeks, so it is a wonderful time to go on an Amish tour. 10 am tours are best, as it starts to get dark in the afternoon and can be difficult to see inside the Amish shops. Keep in mind the Amish don’t have electricity to easily turn on a light! Two Amish sisters ride their horse and buggy to Lanesboro on Saturdays and set up their farmers market at the end of our block. They arrive about 9:30 am and pack up to go home about 5:00 pm. They wander down to the gallery to visit and warm up when they are too cold from sitting outside. One of the Amish sisters teaches at an Amish school. They had a week off from school last week for corn husking. Many of the Amish children help their parents husk corn by hand, and they get to take a break from school to husk. The teacher enjoyed the week off and attended her cousin’s wedding in Iowa. She was looking forward to going back to school, as she had a chance to rejuvenate after the time off. It’s always a treat to visit with the young Amish ladies. The next time I see the young Amish sisters, I’ll have to ask them about Thanksgiving and report on the blog if/how the Amish celebrate the holiday.
Come to Lanesboro this weekend and take in the special events to get into the spirit of the Season!