Hard-Working Amish

While out on our Amish tours this week, we have witnessed the Amish hard at work. Summer is a busy time for all. We have seen many Amish horse-drawn cultivators used to till the corn to get rid of weeds between the rows. Many of the women have been tending their large vegetable gardens. One Amish lady on our stop was hoeing her garden which she has right next to her house. She was planning on making jam, so she had her grandsons helping her haul wood into the house for her stove. She was also trying to keep her grandsons occupied, as she said they were fighting and needed to keep busy with chores. This Amish lady had exciting news to share–she has a new granddaughter, Katie! It is grandchild number 47.

The smell of varnish was overpowering when stepping into an Amish carptener’s showroom. The warm, humid air was heavy and there was no breeze to ventilate the room. I still enjoyed looking at the dressers and bedroom sets. This Amish woodworker made a new bed frame with drawers under the bed. The kids were a real treat to see playing in the yard. The baby was playing in a cardboard box while her mom tended to the customers. It reminded me of the time when I was about 4 years old and spent an evening playing in a Chiquita banana box. My mom wondered why she spent money on toys when a box kept me occupied for hours.

While out on a tour I came across a young Amish man driving a horse which was pulling a wagon with a small load of slat board. I thought the young man was looking up at the sky, but when I passed him, I noticed he had his head back and was sleeping! Apparently, the horse knew the way home! I’m hoping he was showing off and not really sleeping!