Happy Amish Children

Last week I guided a group from the Twin Cities and Canada on an Amish tour. They were a gracious, fun bunch! I wish I had my camera along, as they were busy taking pictures at Austin’s Mohair Goat Farm. An angora goat gave birth to twins. Cute as ever!

When we stop at one Amish farm, Dave and I like to give the kids mini carrots, as we can’t give them candy. The Amish forbid pictures taken of them, but I wish I could have had a photo of the kids. They were so precious playing with their baby sister and so happy with their carrot treats. The kids like to come around when we are there, but they are pretty quiet. They just smile a lot and demonstrate how the marble games and brain teasers work at their mom’s store.

When the Commonweal Theatre in Lanesboro presents a new play, we volunteer to drive the elderly residents who live in the two apartments in town to the performance. I picked up the residents before the play and Dave brought them home afterwards. We used the mini bus for the first time for this event and it was terrific! One of the ladies uses a walker and if we had brought the van, she probably wouldn’t have been able to attend. Everyone could access the steps and their seats easily. Helping the folks have access to a fun evening out is definitely worth our time.