Velkommen til Lanesboro

Velkommen til Lanesboro!

Today we guided two bus loads of Norwegian band members from Arendal, Norway, and their spouses and/or friends on an Amish tour. The Arendal Brass Band had played in Stoughton, WI, for Syttende Mai weekend. They were on a tight time schedule as they arrived from LaCrosse, WI, this morning and were on their way to perform in Decorah, IA, at the Vesterheim Museum this afternoon. They were a jolly, fun bunch and so kind and respectful to our Amish friends.

The Norwegians gave the Amish children balloons, and they were so happy! Their dad said they were spoiling his kids, but it was fun! It was my first time as a step-on-guide, and I learned that I have to pay attention to the road even if I’m not driving so I can give directions. Bus driver, Ben, was excellent and you could tell he enjoyed his job. Go Bus #1!

If you are wearing a hat today, you better hold onto it, as we have wind gusts up to 40 mph. It is also warm with temperatures in the 80s. I’m hoping to plant flowers in front of our store today, but I’m going to wait to see if the wind decreases.

Mange takk! (I’m not sure if it is spelled correctly, but it means thank you in Norwegian.)