Fall Amish Farm Activity

October tours have been fantastic. Many guests are coming along in hopes of viewing the Fall colors of SE Minnesota. The colors aren’t as vibrant as in the past, but a few grove of trees along the route are still colorful.

For those wondering about the activity on Amish farms, they have been bringing in the corn stalks to chop for silage. Also, a few Amish farmers have been plowing their fields with their team of work horses. For many guests on the tour they feel they are stepping back in time as they had worked with horses or heard stories of their parents and grandparents farming with teams of horses. Hard work…

Many of the Amish ladies are almost done canning their fall vegetables and will wait for cold weather to butcher pork, beef, and venison for canning. An Amish lady was canning chicken last week. Her relatives had butchered the chickens for her. Her niece got married last week and a few relatives came from out East for the event. This Amish homemaker was excited to have them here to visit and help her with the chickens.

A set of twin goats were born at the goat farm two weeks ago. They are a frisky pair of kids. I have a picture of them when they are a day old, but it is not the best photo. I’ll try to get a better picture of them this week. We stop at the goat farm on the tour, but it is not Amish. Just a fun lady, Ada, who is a creative entrepreneur. If you have cold feet, she has the answer for you in her mohair socks.

We added another optional Amish farm stop in the tour this month. Another family that makes baskets, candy, honey, and other small items. Also a working farm, so we can see activity on the farm when they are cutting corn or working in their gardens. The boys also train horses on the farm.