Amish Tour Guests from Around the World

Bluffscape Amish Tours is in full swing! We have already been very busy taking guests out on our Amish tours. I’m going to have to get a world map and start keeping track of where our guests are from. So far this spring I have taken guests from Kuwait, France, Germany, Norway, and Tanzania, Africa on the tour. Not only do they learn about the Amish culture, but I get to learn about theirs as well. I’m going to have to start saving for a trip abroad sometime, especially to Norway and Denmark to see where my ancestors were born.

Another Amish family approached me to stop at their farm on our tours. This family offers melon-shaped baskets and leather goods like checkbook and book covers. They also make beautiful leather belts. This family also builds horse saddles! When I stop at their farm I’m lucky to see the different stages in the saddle making. Yesterday, Henry was sewing the white top stitching around the seat. He must have strong hands to punch the tools through the leather. He said you have to have very sharp tools! Now I have four different Amish farms to rotate visits besides the regular stops on the tour.

Last week I had the privilege of guiding a tour bus through the Amish country. A great group of travelers from central Minnesota had a day trip to Lanesboro to learn about the Amish. They almost cleaned out the Amish bakery! The tour group ended their visit at two of my favorite stops in Lanesboro, the Daus Wurst Haus and Scenic Valley Winery. Great homemade brats and kraut and homemade fruit wine!