Memorial Day Weekend in Lanesboro

Wow! Lanesboro was a busy little town this past weekend! The weather was beautiful and everyone came out to enjoy it. I took an Amish tour out on Saturday morning and by the time I arrived back in town around 12:30 pm, the population must have doubled! We stopped at the Amish farmers market in the morning and they had 14 pies available for sale. When I stopped again that afternoon (and, yes, I bought myself another cookie) they only had three pies left. Business was good for the ladies at the market. The Amish man who lives near the market was busy planting trees along the road. He was recently married, and I think they are enjoying maintaining their home.

We added “Bus Gus” to our Amish tour fleet. We have a 14 passenger van, but we can only fit about 9 or 10 comfortably in the van, and it is difficult for people to get on and off the van. Dave purchased a used 14 passenger mini bus this spring that has easy step-on access. Kirsten named the bus Gus, after the Simon and Garfunkle song “…get on the bus, Gus…” I had a full bus on Monday for my first time out with Gus on the Amish tour. The bus is great to drive and everyone was comfortable and could easily get on and off the bus at each stop. I was concerned about turning around at some farms, but I managed to get the bus turned around without any problem. We really strive to offer a quality tour and try to stay on schedule, as guests have plans for the rest of the day, and we don’t want to make them change their plans.

Our family was fortunate to spend time down by the river for a breakfast cookout on Sunday morning and an evening cookout on Monday night. The campsite allows us to get away even though it is only a few miles away from home. We look forward to many more relaxing evenings along the Root River this summer.