Amish Tours and Track Meets

Another beautiful day in Bluff Country. Yesterday, I was lucky to take out an Amish tour. It gave me a chance to get out of the store and take advantage of the beautiful weather. I had a nice couple from North Dakota on my tour. It was their first time in SE Minnesota on an Amish tour. I found out they know some of my cousins in North Dakota. I really enjoy visiting with our guests, they seem like good friends by the time our tours are over.

The Amish seem to have most of their planting done, that I could see. The past few weeks many were in their fields planting crops with their horse-drawn equipment. We drive past a few sawmills on our route. I’m always amazed at the work they do and how much lumber is produced. One Amish lady just finished sewing an all ivory quilt with hearts, doves, and other details hand stitched on the quilt. It is beautiful. Many guests ask her how many quilts she has made, but she doesn’t keep count.

This afternoon Kirsten has a track meet and will run a relay and the two mile event. It is supposed to thunderstorm later today, so I hope it holds off until the track meet is over. I enjoy watching track and field events. The kids work hard at improving their personal records and try to place as high as they can in their event to help add points to the team score. Track meets are also good for socializing with everyone while the next race is preparing to start. Good luck LFC!