A Great Year for Bluffscape Amish Tours

It is hard to believe that our Amish Tours are winding down for the season. We have now transitioned to just Saturdays in November. If there is a group of more than four that would like a special tour during the week, I would be glad to take you on a tour (weather permitting). I miss visiting with our Amish friends already and it has only been a week! The picture above shows the location of our tours at the Feed Mill where Cheryl’s Apparel and Tours and Treasures are located.

We have been fortunate to have such beautiful weather in Lanesboro this fall. Hopefully, it will continue throughout the winter, but this is Minnesota and you never know what the weather will be like tomorrow!
The Amish have been busy chopping and stacking wood for this winter. They are good to get together and help family members and friends accomplish this goal. Amish use wood buring stoves for cooking and baking and for heating their homes and shops. Some Amish may use coal burning stoves as well.

A new Amish bed and breakfast is opening near Canton right on our tour route. A non-Amish purchased an Amish farm and hired an Amish lady to work at the B & B. If you are wanting to live like the Amish for a night or two, you will have to check it out. When I find out more information about the B & B, I’ll post it.