August Harvest and Canning

Another summer is soon coming to a close and once again, I haven’t had a chance to write on my blog. Amish tours have been keeping us busy everyday in August. I did get a chance to sneak away on vacation with the family. Thanks to Eric and Vern for their guiding expertise while we were away. Our family had a wonderful time in SD, NE, WY, MT, ND, and MN. Lots of driving, but well worth it!

Now is a great time to go on an Amish tour as the Amish are working in their fields binding corn, chopping and blowing it into their silos. The also can be found loading alfalfa and baling it right in their farmyards. All of this is done with stationary diesel or gas engines and horse drawn equipment, no tractors. Many Amish have garden produce available for purchase at their farms. Melons, potatoes, tomatoes, zucchini, and cucumbers are a few veggies from their garden they have for sale. Amish ladies have been canning bushels of tomatoes, tomato juice, and tomato salsa. The peaches have been canned and now I have seen that pears have arrived and they will be next on the list to preserve.

One Amish lady on our tour has finished two new quilts–dahlia and lone star patterns. She also takes custom orders for quilts as well. She pieces the quilts with her treadle sewing machine and hand stitches the top. They really are a work of art.

Enjoy the end of summer! Soon the kids will be back in school and our schedules will revolve around school activies as well as work.

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