Amish Strawberries

Gardens, gardens, gardens!!! The Amish gardens are big, beautiful and bountiful. Strawberries are ready and available for sale at some of the Amish farms on our tours. I’ve had my share of berries from a couple Amish families this week. The strawberries are plump and sweet! Kirsten and I are hoping to use our new dehydrator this week to make strawberry rhubarb lace–like a fruit roll-up.

Fresh picked vegetables that are for sale include peas, green beans, and lettuce. One family gave me a bunch of broccoli this week. I prepared the broccoli on our grill for dinner tonight and it was delicious!
The Amish are back working in their fields after many days of rain. They have been cultivating corn and mowing hay with their team of work horses. I think it is amazing to watch them drive their team between the rows of corn. I had a fellow on the tour that had grown up farming with horses and he remembered the hard work involved. My dad has many stories to tell about farming with horses as well. Maybe that is why I’m fascinated with watching them–I haven’t had to work with the horses!
Happy Father’s Day to my dad and all dads!
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