Amish Canning and School

Well, it looks like I totally missed blogging in August! Life has been busy here in Lanesboro. Meredith and Emyli were a great help in the gallery, so I was able to take guests out on the Amish tours. Therefore, going out on the tours didn’t give me much time to write.

The Amish ladies are always working when we stop at their farms. They have been canning produce from their gardens and many of them have fresh produce for sale. The ladies also purchase bushels of peaches and pears that they have ordered in advance and preserve many jars for their families and customers. One day when I stopped at the Amish bakery Amanda and her friends were busy husking, cleaning, and cutting corn for canning. They thought they would end up with about 30 pints of corn when they were done.

The Amish kids are back at school. Most of the Amish schools started August 24th and one school started August 17th. The Amish students are referred to as scholars by their teachers. We drive past five Amish schools on our tour and many times we can see the scholars outside for recess. They look like they are having lots of fun playing softball or kickball.

Time to close. I hope to post more Amish happenings soon.

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