2011 Amish Tour Season Approaches

The off-season is coming to a close and I will be starting my fourth Amish Tour season with Bluffscape Amish Tours. One would think that Minnesota winters drag on, but my winter has quickly disappeared. Now I’m looking forward to getting the van and bus ready to drive our guests around the Amish countryside again. It’s time to refresh my memory and get out to visit our Amish friends.

Tours officially start Saturday, March 12th at 10 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. Unless mother nature decides to dump a lot of snow or ice over the weekend, we will be ready to go. We continue only on Saturdays in March and we will offer tours Mon. – Sat. starting in April running through the end of October.
Occasionally, I will go out on a special Amish tour in the off-season. I had the privilege of taking a young lady on a tour this winter. She had a school assignment to complete on the Amish culture. As a former teacher, I wanted to help this sophomore with her report. It also got me out to see how the Amish folks were doing. What impressed me most is that this student traveled about three hours to get to Lanesboro! She earned an A+ for her research project!
Many folks spend days, week, or months visiting the Mayo Clinic for various medical reasons. Days can get long waiting for lab work, consults, and other appointments. A couple from Rhode Island needed to get out of town for a change after spending two weeks at the clinic, so on their day off I picked them up in Rochester and brought them out to visit the Amish. What a fun couple and I think they were happy to have a diversion for the day!
The Amish farmers market will be opening the end of April, therefore, those coming along on the tour before then will not be able stop and get gooey glazed donuts, the world’s best banana bars, or sugar cookies that melt in your mouth–you will have to come back later to check that out!

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